Waylon Jennings is among the artists featured on special releases for Record Store Day in 2014. A never-before-released version of Jennings performing the Kris Kristofferson classic 'Sunday Morning Comin' Down' was unveiled on Black Friday.

The track is one of three Jennings cut in the '70s for an exclusive Navy radio broadcast. The country legend's son, Shooter Jennings, released the tracks on white 7" vinyl via his self-owned Black Country Rock label to support independent music and brick and mortar stores.

Shooter was able to pinpoint the sessions to 1970.

"When I heard this stuff, they said it was my dad's band, and that didn't make any sense because it didn't sound like Richie Abright on drums," he tells Rolling Stone. "It's a very interesting period, because it was the only period during that era that my dad did not have Richie playing. Also, there was an organ. My dad had a guy playing keys with him all these years, but he rarely had an organ player. It was a strange thing."

Jennings went on to release an official version of 'Sunday Morning Comin' Down' on his 1971 album 'The Taker/Tulsa,' but the unreleased version was recorded first. Johnny Cash took the song to No. 1 in 1970 in its most popular recording.

There's more good news for Jennings fans, as Shooter promises "a lot of Waylon stuff over the next year."

Black Country Rock also released a spoken-word Christmas story from WWE wrestler Mick Foley on Record Store Day and will drop a project titled 'BCR Mixtape' on Dec. 13, which features various recordings from Shooter, his mother Jessi Colter, Jamey Johnson and porn star Ron Jeremy, who is also a classical pianist.

Jennings has also begun work on his next album, which he says is reminiscent of his band Hierophant.

Listen to Waylon Jennings Perform 'Sunday Morning Comin' Down'

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