Luke Bryan has certainly established himself as the outdoorsy type with a love for hunting, fishing and driving on backroads, but what happens when he tries out a new indoor adventure?

The star was recruited by Dude Perfect — a group of guys who put together challenges to try to best each other on YouTube — to play a game of Archery Kart with them. The game is simple: try to burst the other teams’ balloons. With a bow and arrow. While riding on a golf cart, a la Mario Kart.

Bryan was teamed up with Cody for the challenge, with the pair establishing themselves as the creatively-named Red Team — Bryan on the bow-and-arrow and Cody at the wheel of the cart.

“I feel like Matt Damon in The Martian,” Bryan commented while suiting up.

The three teams wheeled around an indoor warehouse, which had been decked out in obstacles like barrels of flour, a giant inflatable panda head and an “oil slick,” to throw them off.

Unfortunately Bryan’s team was the first one out, but it was clear he was having a blast. “I’m awful,” the country singer concluded after being eliminated from the game.

“You’re smelling like Betty Crocker right now,” he said to his teammate, who was covered in flour.

In the end, the orange team (“The Prisoners”) took home the gold, and Bryan sat down with one of the guys to chat about who he’d need by his side in a zombie apocalypse. His answer?

“My wife. I’m a zombie when I get off the road, and she knows how to deal with ‘em,” he laughs.

Bryan is headed out again in 2016 on his Kill the Lights Tour, but not before performing in Times Square for the New Year’s Rockin’ Eve show before the ball drops. The artist recently released a unique 360-degree video for “Home Alone Tonight,” his duet with Little Big Town’s Karen Fairchild, which allows fans to move the camera angle to see every inch of the barroom.

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