Boys will boys, especially country musicians with lots of idle time to kill while on tour. Luke Bryan, who is currently on the road with Rascal Flatts, admitted in an interview with WYCD that he hurt both a butt muscle and a calf muscle while playing basketball during down time on tour.

Bryan summed the court battles up perfectly, saying, "It's just a bunch of musicians that are uncoordinated running around trying to play basketball and it looks funny." Bryan also revealed that "at some point in the basketball endeavor, Jay DeMarcus and I, our legs collided, his knee went into my calf muscle and my calf has been on lockdown. It has been unfunctionable for four days." Bryan also joked that the tour should be presented by "Icy Hot," thanks to all these hoops-related muscle injuries.

The Georgia-born singer will also be playing Spring Break in Panama City and is gearing up for the release of 'Spring Break 3…It's a Shore Thing,' his third Spring Break-oriented EP on Mar. 1. Bryan said, "It's a fun excuse to get in the studio, make new music. The best thing is I get to go down and play college spring break and see college girls in bikinis."

Bryan says his favorite song on the EP is 'Love in a College Town,' which imparts no lyrical subtext. Bryan said the song talks "about what it really is – you get drunk and hook up every night." He likes the song so much that it could also appear on his next full-length album.

Bryan also shed a little light on his new single, 'Someone Else Calling You Baby,' which he called a "big ol' good radio song. Everyone has bumped into their ex with their ex's new significant other and it throws you for a loop." He admitted that he has been there "many, many times" and that his exes "were always good at finding new guys after me. One found a new girl…naw, I'm just playing."

Ma Bryan was also a topic of conversation during the interview, too, since she is a bit of a legend and an icon in the Luke Bryan circle. "Mama's good," the singer said. "She's knocking the beers back, eating rib eye steak every night. She's good, she's crazy." He also said that there is enough cholesterol and nicotine in her blood "to kill a full grown man."