Fans who tuned into the 2011 CMT Music Awards Wednesday night caught a rare-looking Luke Bryan, who busted a move while performing his current hit on the rise, ‘Country Girl (Shake It for Me).’ Besides his own dancing, Bryan was surrounded by beautiful women shaking their money makers around the Georgian. While the performance was easily one of the most memorable of the night, Bryan admits he couldn’t tell you a single thing about what happened on that stage.

“I cannot honestly remember one single thing that I did on that stage tonight,” Bryan told media after the awards. “I have no clue! We did rehearsals, and I was kind of tamed in rehearsals. I know I was not supposed to turn my hat around backwards ... I do know that. My first move was putting my hat on backwards. I wasn't even supposed to have that hat on! I was supposed to have this one on. The hat that I wasn't supposed to have on, I threw it [into the crowd] at some point in the night. It was such a ride for me being up there. I think that was the right song at the right time for me to get up there and show personality and have fun. I would've loved to sing better ... would've loved to have a mini oxygen tank in about the second chorus to get my lungs back, because that was probably the closest I've ever been to fainting, but it was such a great time.”

“I think that everybody had fun,” Bryan continued. “That's what it's all about, to see fans out there having fun over a song that really won't change the world, but it will make some people have a good time. I'm probably going to go back and look at the [performance] and go, 'What the hell is that move right there?' All I know is my wife said, 'Your dancing was pretty good!' I think I got her approval. It was literally the chance and the shot that I've always been dreaming of, and as far as production, I think the thing with me is just get up there and let the moment dictate what I do. The thing about rehearsal is you're trying to feed off a bunch of empty seats. When I got out there, I just got so involved with looking at that face, looking at this face, looking at Charles [Kelley from Lady Antebellum] ... I think when you say, 'OK, I'm going to stand over here and shimmy this way' ... that's not a good place to be. My place is just feeding off of what's happening.”

Bryan will have plenty more opportunities to keep perfecting his dancing routine onstage this fall when he hits the road on his first headlining tour -- the 2011 CMT Tour -- which also features Josh Thompson, Lee Brice and the winner of CMT’s reality singing competition ‘Next Superstar.’ Bryan is currently in the midst of Tim McGraw’s Emotional Traffic Tour.

Watch Luke Byran Perform 'Country Girl (Shake It for Me)'