The upbeat "Country Girl (Shake It for Me)" is one of Luke Bryan's most famous party songs, and it's been known to get a lady or two on the dancefloor. But for this baby? It's therapeutic!

True, parents of newborns will do just about anything to soothe their little ones, and many have tried it all. Loud noises, kitchen fans, sitting on the dryer ... those are all great recommendations, but the real key is apparently country music.

At least, it works like a charm on this sweet new life. The short clip shows the mother searching for Bryan's most notable hit as her baby cries. When she finds "Country Girl" and clicks, it's instant relief — his face changes from the most pitiful frown to an almost smile!

Although we'd like to believe this kid is just a big LB fan, it's likely there's another reason why his tears stop when the song comes on. According to the description on the YouTube video, the baby heard country music while in his mother's womb. Mom's got great taste, and she's passing it on!

Too cute.

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