Luke Bryan is crashing girls night in yet another hilariously awkward ACM video!

So far, we've seen Bryan crash all of life's big events in his run for ACM Entertainer of the Year -- a wedding, a baby shower, a kid's birthday party and even the big football game. And this time he's stopping by girl's night.

In this newest clip, a group of ladies are enjoying Friday night with popcorn, wine and their favorite TV show. But just as the final rose is about to be bestowed, who messes everything up? It's the master party crasher, of course, just trying to "check the race" as he switches over to car racing at the worst possible moment!

Poking a bit of fun at one of his biggest hits, the 'Drink a Beer' singer hold up his glass and hints, "gettin' a little low over here" as the ladies look on in shock and anger that Bryan made them miss the end of their favorite show. And that's when the popcorn flies - into his face, that is.

Don't worry, though, the girls get their revenge. The last shot shows Bryan tied up with duct tape over his mouth. It looks like the sizzling star finally got what's coming to him after all that event crashing!

After four party-crashing spoofs, it's clear that Bryan is having tons of fun in his run to hold onto the Entertainer of the Year title for one more year. The 2014 ACMs air Sunday, April 6 at 8PM ET on CBS. You can vote for Bryan or any of the nominees for EoY here.