So you think you know everything there is to know about country superstar Luke Bryan? You might need to double-check. Bryan has been on a steady climb to becoming a country legend, but his story -- both past and present -- is filled with twists, turns and even some what-in-the-worlds?! Covering everything from his childhood talents, to his guilty pleasures, to his musical theater days -- here are 10 things you didn't know about Luke Bryan!

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    He made girls swoon as Frank Butler in 'Annie Get Your Gun.'

    Bryan was in a high school performance of the play ‘Annie Get Your Gun.’ Clad head-to-toe in white (complete with cowboy hat and fringe!), Bryan played the male lead, Frank Butler, who falls in love with Annie Oakley. It was an appropriate role for a future country heartthrob.

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    His first job was at a grocery store.

    At the tender age of 12, Luke Bryan was already learning the value of a hard day’s work. While many kids his age were probably being handed their weekly allowance, Bryan stocked and cleaned up produce at the local grocery store, Rubo’s, in his hometown of Leesburg, Ga.

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    His kids' nicknames are 'Bo Bo' and 'Tater Bug.'

    Bryan has two sons with wife Caroline -- Bo, 5, and Tatum (Tate), 3. The adorable, perfectly-country nicknames, which Bryan spilled in an article online, are a testament to the special love the singer has for his kids. "It all begins with family," he said after Tate was born. "It's more important than anything else in life." Hopefully, the brothers won’t mind their dad's disclosure too much when they’re older.

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    He has his wife's initials tattooed on his rear end.

    No, seriously. Jason Aldean outed Bryan on tour in 2012 for having the initials of his wife and college sweetheart, Caroline, tattooed on his rear end. “He was on tour with me when he got it,” Aldean explained to Chicago station WUSN. “He was complaining about it [itching], and I was like, ‘what is wrong with you?’” Aldean went on to reveal that Bryan proceeded to show him his bare rear end, and that's when he saw the initials. Bryan has not officially confirmed it, but it's hard to deny a rather detailed eye-witness account.

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    Movie popcorn is his 'guilty pleasure.'

    Everyone has that weakness -- a food we know we shouldn’t eat, but when it’s nearby, we have to indulge. According to Bryan, movie popcorn is his. Whether he likes it with extra butter or not is still in question.

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    He was hit by a car in the second grade.

    Though the star didn't share any details about his run-in with a moving vehicle as a school boy, Bryan revealed the incident in a recent interview. Regardless of how it went down, we're glad the future country singer was okay and able to continue his path to being the musician we know today.

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    He still gets 'panic attacks' before big events.

    Bryan says he still gets very nervous before big shows and events, but he doesn’t mind. "I’ve had panic attacks, you know, before big moments, and that’s kinda fun. You want that anxiety,” he says. “I wouldn’t want it to not be that way.” That pumping adrenaline shines through in the high-energy performances we’ve come to expect from the superstar.

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    He could hum 'Rock of Ages' before he could talk.

    According to his mother, Bryan was a ‘sickly’ baby, and she often hummed ‘Rock of Ages’ to him to calm him down. As a result, she says, he could hum the song before he could talk (and can to this day). It’s a clear sign that Bryan was born to sing.

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    His name is on the welcome sign for Leesburg, Ga.

    Leesburg is a small town — the population is only around 3,000 — but they have big pride for their own country star. His name is featured on the roadside sign, ushering travelers into the town, along with San Francisco Giants All-Star catcher Buster Posey and the recently-added Phillip Phillips of 'American Idol' fame. It’s quite an honor to be a crown jewel of your hometown, and you couldn’t ask for a better representative for Leesburg than Bryan.

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    He can moonwalk.

    Or, at least, he could when he was a youngster. Surprisingly, Bryan's first cassette tape was not Hank Williams or Johnny Cash, but Michael Jackson’s 'Thriller,' which was released in 1982. Bryan says, “I could moonwalk all the way to the pencil sharpener and back.” We would love to see that move on stage now -- a great addition to his signature hip shake.

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