We all know Luke Bryan is quite the cutie and all, and he gets blood pumping and pulses racing with energetic, call-to-action songs like 'Country Girl (Shake It For Me).' But that doesn't mean the singer is exactly offering an engraved invitation for fans to jump onstage to 'Shake It' with him. Safety first, ladies.

Bryan posted a clip from one of his recent shows, where an overzealous, female fan overcome  was so into his song that she hopped onstage to sing it with Bryan. Here, Bryan is performing on the part of the stage that juts out into the crowd. He was really into what he's doing -- the consummate professional that he is -- swinging his hips and rocking out when a pretty little thing in white jeans and blue tank top ran toward Bryan to 'Shake It' alongside him. She was being pursued by hefty security guards, so she only got a quick shake in before being escorted offstage (and presumably, out of the building?).

It looks like Bryan playfully taps the girl on her derriere, throws his hands in the air and then goes right back into shakin' it for the rest of the crowd, hardly missing a beat.

See, Luke, that's what happens when you write a song that makes the country gals want to shake it for the birds, the bees and the catfish swimming down deep in the creek or the young bucks sittin' in the honky tonks, the rednecks rockin' till the break of dawn -- as well as those DJ spinnin' that country song. They are shakin' what the good Lord gave 'em, just like you asked!

See a Luke Bryan Fan Jump Onstage to 'Shake It' at the 1:34 Mark in the Video