Luke Bryan takes unrequited love to a new level in "I See You." The lyric video for the sixth single off "Crash My Party," and it's got some great behind-the-scenes footage of Bryan in concert.

"I See You" blends footage of Bryan on stage with striking images like autumn leaves falling on an open road and sunlit meadows full of wildflowers ... not to mention one gorgeous girl, who we can only guess is the one who got away.

"I can’t go anywhere, I can’t do anything
 / No, I can’t close my eyes without you in my dreams
 / You won’t leave me alone, even though I know you’re gone / I look around for someone new, but I see you

This song is one of two songs co-written by Bryan for his multi-platinum fourth studio album, and while the album he's working on to release next may have a few tunes penned by him as well, Bryan says that he appreciates any great song even if it's not written by him.

"I love hearing a great song just as much as writing one," he says, according to The Boot. “At the end of the day, I love having the ability to expedite the song getting written and then getting it in front of the fans and watching them react."

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