Luke Bryan gave Lady Gaga's 'Bad Romance' a southern-fried makeover in concert recently. We always say it's a testament to the songwriting quality of a pop song when it can be reinvented in different genres and by totally different artists, and Bryan certainly took the song and made it his own, replacing the "rah rah" and "Gaga / ooh la la" parts with monster riffs.

Bryan even let the crowd sing that part when it reprised at the end of the song! It would have been comedic, though, to hear Bryan singing those silly, diva-esque lyrics. Could you imagine?

When Bryan sang the bridge "I don't wanna be friends," he gave this dancey, electronic pop song about love, loss and longing a whole new timbre and tone. Bryan and his band loaded the song up with plenty of riffs and made it more rock 'n' roll with a country twang. Nice work, boys!

As for the crowd's response? They were loving every minute of it. Bryan chose his Lady Gaga cover wisely. Remember, Gaga released a country version of her smash 'Born This Way,' so Gaga does have ties to the country world.

Bryan closed out the song with Poison's 'Nothin' But a Good Time,' showing off his '80s glam rock chops, too. What a mashup of genres and eras, courtesy of Luke Bryan. Color us impressed.

Watch Luke Bryan Cover Lady Gaga's 'Bad Romance'