Luke Bryan sang the National Anthem at a Tennessee Titans football game this season, so of course the gregarious singer took fans behind the scenes via an episode of his LBTV web series. The most ironic thing about the footage is that we see about 20 seconds of Bryan singing the actual song! The lion's share (or is that Bryan's share?) of the video follows him as he rehearses, meets players and hangs with NWA wrestling legend Nature Boy Ric Flair. Bryan was way more stoked about meeting Flair than anything else.

Bryan, wearing a Matt Hasselbeck jersey, is seen practicing the National Anthem in a room at the stadium. Smart move to practice a little extra and warm his voice up beforehand, since no singer wants to flub a line and embarrass himself and his country -- especially since the media goes nuts with covering National Anthem mishaps.

Nevertheless, Bryan then walks on the field, bro hugs with players, waves to fans and then sees Flair on the sidelines and is determined to get the wrestler to do a spot for LBTV. Flair graciously agreed to do an ID for the show, complete with the "Whew!" at the end, like a good sport. Bryan is like a kid in a candy store around the Nature Boy.

Bryan runs on the field, catches a pass and then is seen singing for a whole 20 seconds. At the close of the video, Bryan even says he is stoked he got to meet Ric Flair. He has his priorities in line.

Watch Luke Bryan at the Tennessee Titans Game