Anyone who has trained a puppy knows it's tough work, and for country star Luke Bryan, it's even trickier, because he's potty training new puppy Pap while on his That's My Kind of Night Tour.

The 'Drink a Beer' singer is realizing that tour buses and puppies are not the most ideal situation -- at least while the pup is being house broken.

“We are potty training Pap. It’s a whole ordeal," Bryan admits to the Country Vibe.

He continues, "It’s tough because sometimes we’re on the bus traveling 13 hours and we’re an hour out, so Pap, he has his little accidents but we’re forgiving him. But we’re working on it.”

Indeed, it's certainly not easy to let the cute canine out for a potty break while driving 70MPH on the highway, trying to get to the next tour destination. While it may be an ordeal, Bryan understands that it will just take time.

“He’s a good bus dog though,” says the star. “We were talking about with all his barking and all his accidents and all his chewing up shoes, it’s still worth having a bus dog on the bus. We love it. It’s fun."

Hopefully, Pap will soon get acclimated to life on a tour bus (and the sometimes infrequent stops), because the first leg of Bryan's tour wraps up on Mar. 8, and then they'll hop back on the bus at the beginning of May for the second legof an extensive tour run.