Luke Bryan found himself in a sling just before his first 2016 Farm Tour show on Oct. 6 after falling off his bike toward the end of a 30-mile bike ride with a friend. Always a trooper, the singer continued on with his show later that night.

Two days later, on Oct. 8, he was performing with a sling on his arm when he noticed a young girl in the front row with a cast. "You want me to sign your cast?" he asked 8-year-old Samantha Stapf, who was quick to agree.

"All right, get her up here. Here we go! I don't have a sharpie," he tells her in the video above, just as he realizes he's missing a key element. Fans in the front row quickly come to the rescue, handing the superstar a sharpie.

"You got a lot of people signing it!" he tells Stapf as he looks at her cast, trying to find a spot to sign, then asking her, "Hey, will you sign mine?"

"Thank you baby!" Bryan says when she obliges, even giving her a kiss on the head. "You have fun tonight. Take care of your little arm." He then continues to strike up a conversation with his injured fan, asking her when her arm will be better, to which she replies, "five weeks."

"I'm getting surgery in the morning on mine. See, I'm old enough to drink, so I'll be better real quick," Bryan jokes back.

The 2016 Farm Tour — the singer's eighth-annual — wrapped on Oct. 15.

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