Luke Bryan had to answer a lot of tough "would you rather?" questions on the Bobby Bones Show Oct. 6, but one was no contest: would you rather collaborate with Justin Bieber or Kanye West? For Bryan, it was easy: Bieber, hands down.

Bones was surprised by his answer, thinking it had something to do with Bieber’s personality, musical style or selling more records, but Bryan hinted it wasn’t necessarily that.

“I just gotta shut up,” he says with a laugh in the clip above, adding that he suspected the question was a setup to say something about West.

Bones insists there was no setup and admitted he’d like to collaborate with West, saying “he’s nuts, but I think he’s a genius."

Bryan isn't convinced.

“Kanye is crazy,” he says. Bones agrees, but says you have to be crazy sometimes to be creative.

“Yeah, but you don’t have to be an ass,” Bryan concludes, matter-of-factly.

Bones concedes, but adds that a lot of “asses” do great things. Bryan starts to launch into his opinion on that, but stops himself.

“Nevermind — good lord, I gotta hush,” he says with a smile.

The interview goes on to challenge Bryan to choose between Dierks Bentley and Jason Aldean as a desert island buddy (where loincloths are a requirement), time travel to the future or the past, and several other stumpers in the game of “would you rather?"

Bryan recently kicked off his 2016 Farm Tour, though he had to cancel the first show due to Hurricane Matthew, and begin another with his arm in a sling. This year, he released a unique EP coinciding with the tour called Farm Tour…Here’s to the Farmer, featuring several new songs from the artist.

Check out the full interview with Bones above to learn whether Bryan would rather relive his wedding day or the day his kids were born.

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