Luke Bryan and his wife, Caroline, took an unexpected and unwelcome detour while they were in New York City last week to launch Bryan's new album, Kill the Lights. The couple ended up taking their 5-year-old son to the emergency room after roughhousing with his older brother turned a little too rough.

According to Bryan, Tate and his 7-year-old brother, Bo, were engaged in a playful matchup that accidentally got out of hand.

"We got to town and Tate was in the emergency room getting stitches," the superstar tells Entertainment Tonight, adding that his nephew, Tilden, was FaceTiming as the doctors patched Tate up.

"It's a crazy household right now," Bryan says with a laugh. "Just as long as we can keep 'em alive!"

Fortunately, it doesn't seem like Tate is too much the worse for wear. Bryan later tweeted a pic of the tough youngster in the hospital with bandages around his head, but still all smiles.

"He’s doing good," Bryan tells Taste of Country in a phone interview this week. "He had a little accident. He had a little run-in with the coffee table. He’s all patched up. You can’t hold him down at all," he assures, adding that Tate's stitches will dissolve and leave him as good as new.

As expected, the superstar can't even go to the emergency room without being hit up by fans.

“Some people in the ER, in some of my shenanigans out on the road where I’ve fallen off stage and we have to go get stitched up ... we oblige all the girls in the ER that want the pictures," he tells ToC. "Hey, it helps me get in there and out of there faster.”

Bryan is taking over Taste of Country this week, presenting exclusive content to help support the release of Kill the Lights. Check back every day for more exciting features you won't find anywhere else.

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