Luke Bryan is taking over Taste of Country this week, and today he's sharing the story behind his sexy new single, "Strip It Down."

"I think my manager, Kerri, called me and said, 'Hey, you wanna try writin' with some new guys that you wouldn't necessarily write with or come in contact with?'" he recalls. "And I said, 'Yeah, who have you got in mind?"

Ross Copperman was one of the names that came up, and when he and Bryan hooked up by phone, he suggested Jon Nite, whom Bryan had never met. He was familiar with a few of his songs.

"So they come out to the house, we get set up, and Ross is kind of a track guy," Bryan recalls. "You know, a lot of people are writing with track guys these days, and it's pretty fun that these guys can build these ideas. I get to kind of sing along with them and write the song."

The trio hit it off and quickly got down to work. "We just started doing lyrics, and singing lyrics with that mood," Bryan relates. "And then the title, 'Strip It Down,' came out of that."

The song took a sexy turn in the chorus.

"Then we start into that chorus, where you talk about 'the belt turned loose from these old blue jeans,' and all that stuff was so visual," he adds. "I remember we were feeling really, really good about this song in the moment."

Nite and Copperman got together to finish the track a few days later, which is when they cut a demo. "The second I heard it, I was like, 'Home run!'" Bryan recounts, putting his fist in the air for emphasis. "Cuttin' it!"

Bryan not only cut the track, he released it as the second single from his hotly-anticipated new album. He'll be sharing more exclusive content about Kill the Lights every day this week, so keep on checking back for additional one-of-a-kind videos and more that you won't find anywhere else but Taste of Country.

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