Funny man Luke Bryan called into US99.5 last week to chat with Lisa & Ray about football and his signature booty-shakin' moves.

Bryan let it slip that he thinks the big hype surrounding the high-dollar Super Bowl commercials is a bit much. "I don't look forward to the commercials as much as I used to because I think they're so hyped now -- they're never really any good any more for some reason," he told 'America's Country Station.'

(Fellow country star Faith Hill debuted her Teleflora commercial during the Super Bowl -- watch it here.)

"For like ten years it was all everybody talked about, and now I think there's so much anticipation of commercials it's kind of counter-productive," Bryan continued -- adding with a laugh, "Kind of like my shows. No pay-off."

The 'Rain is a Good Thing' singer laid the modesty on thick for US99.5 listeners, but that didn't stop the DJ from dubbing him one of the best live performers in country music today. Bryan shook that off, too, with a simple: "I just shake my butt a lot and people like that."

True. Luke Bryan's ‘Spring Break 3 … It’s a Shore Thing’ EP hits stores on March 1.