Basketball, shmasket-ball! The battle for country music's hottest male is the one the ladies want to see in March. Taste of Country is kicking off a 32-team field -- it's the first ever March Man-Ness tournament to decide the hunkiest of the hunks.

On Monday, we reveal the first of four regions: the Lady Killers. The full list of singers we've dubbed lady killers can be found on the bracket below, but for now, you need to decide who has got it more going on: Luke Bryan or Billy Currington. Both men aren't afraid to shake it, and while Currington's voice may be a little smoother, his fellow South-Georgian may have the better smile.

Vote for one once every hour until this Round 1 matchup closes on Sunday (March 16) at 11:59PM ET. The winner will go on to face either Keith Urban or Blake Shelton. The winner of this region will face the top Outlaw in the Final Four beginning March 31.

Taste of Country March Man-Ness