Rising country duo Maddie & Tae help write all of their songs, so they didn't have to think long about what the ultimate compliment for their music is and what motivates them to continue making music.

"When someone says that they relate to our music and it's helped them go through something, or even made them laugh, whatever emotion they felt, if they tell us that they felt that it’s, makes me wanna cry,” says Taylor Dye, aka Tae. “At the end of the day it’s all that matters. We write and we sing and we perform, but at the end of the day if people are connecting to our music that’s all we could ask for."

“We have this awesome blessing that we get to speak to so many people, and if we can make them feel something, that’s the coolest thing for us," Maddie Marlow adds.

The girls' latest single is "Fly," an upbeat song that encourages listeners to take chances. Some of the lyrics include, "So keep on climbing, though the ground might shake / Just keep on reaching though the limb might break / We’ve come this far, don’t you be scared now / Cause you can learn to fly on the way down / On the way down / You won’t forget the heavy steps it took to let it go / Close your eyes, count to ten, hold your breath and fly."

Maddie & Tae will release their debut album on June 2.

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