Maddie and Tae may just be the two most talented 19-year-old women currently in country music. But there's still one skill they wish they could have.

Since the release of their first single, 'Girl in a Country Song,' in July 2014, the duo have been shooting up the charts and into fans' hearts at lightning speed. And at just 19, the ladies may still have a lot more success in front of them -- especially if they add Tae's secret wish.

"I’ve always wished I could yodel," says Tae, whose full name is Taelyn Elizabeth Dye (quote via GACTV). "That’s really weird, but I would love to yodel.”

And while her singing partner, Maddie Marlow, certainly agrees that it would be "cool" to have that special skill, her wish has more to do with feng-shui.

"I would love to be able to be like an interior designer or something, because then I would just be able to do it myself, like decorate my own place," says Marlow. "But I just get sidetracked and distracted and then I forget what I need. It’s just a disaster!"

Here's hoping that Maddie and Tae keep their day jobs, including writing and performing hit songs like their first single. 'Girl in a Country Song' is currently in the Top 5 on the Country Airplay chart and it's still climbing, making Maddie and Tae the first female duo to break into the Top 10 since 2007.

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