Maddie & Tae recently teamed up with Monroe Carell Jr. Children's Hospital at Vanderbilt and the Nashville Predators to launch Shine Bright, which is a letter writing campaign for patients and their families at the hospital.

"It’s a great pleasure to partner with Monroe Carell Jr. Children’s Hospital at Vanderbilt on such an important campaign," says Nashville Predators President and COO Sean Henry in a press release. "Words have the power to be transformative, and the collective voices of our community toward the patients and those who care for them will be a strong reminder that they have an entire community behind them."

Booths will be set up throughout Tennessee from now through the end of January for people to write "Words That Shine." These messages will be sent to the Children's Hospital patients, their families and the staff to help encourage and uplift their spirits.

"The work Children’s Hospital does for patients and their families in Middle Tennessee is amazing," says Maddie Marlow. "We used to visit the hospital to entertain the kids before we got our record deal, so we’re honored to be part of a campaign that helps support and encourage the incredible medical staff who care for these children."

Tae Dye also raves about the initiative.

"Writing a letter to provide encouragement to a sick child or express appreciation for their caregivers is a small act, but means so much to the people who receive them," Dye says. "When we can lift up a child who’s struggling, or show someone who works tirelessly how much they matter, that’s a pretty big deal — and the Shine Bright Campaign makes it all the easier to do just that."

For more information on Shine Bright and booth locations to write your own uplifting message, visit the Shine Bright website.

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