Episode 5 of Reba McEntire's 'Malibu Country,' titled 'Not With My Daughter,' focused on her eponymous character's relationship with her daughter June, named after June Carter Cash. Reba had to deal with June adapting to live in California by engaging in some female bonding activities and behaviors with their vapid (but means well) blonde neighbor Kim via retail therapy.

But June's quickly forged bond with Kim is not about material things. June is no longer the shy Nashville teen who barely came out of her room. She is now a full-fledged teenager, facing the same issues that all teen girls do. However, she is doing so in California, which has its own set of rules and cultural mores.

Watching Reba try to relate to June - calling her "J Dawg" and speaking in text lingo- is a hoot. When she says "LOL" and asks "What's the happs at the par-tays?," you cannot help but chuckle.

She's trying to be the "cool mom," but she's struggling mightily. This is not an issue unique to Reba and June; all moms go through this, but it's funnier when Reba faces it. She never comes across as uncool even when she is trying to be cool and fails at it. Her constantly perplexed look add another layer of subtle humor.

She tries to take her daughter shopping at hip establishments, which blows up in her face.

The BFF relationship between Kim and June, which makes Reba feel alienated, quickly peters out, with June admitting that while she loves it in Malibu and enjoys all the things that Kim shows her, no one can replace her... ever!

Reba's attempt to resurrect her music career wasn't even addressed in this issue, which makes us think that might be a focal point next week.

Lily Tomlin continues to provide a heaping helping of humor as an acid-tongued commentator on all the "happs" as Reba's mama Lillie Mae.