'Malibu Country' was back last night (Jan. 4) with a brand new episode -its eighth- after a brief holiday hiatus. In 'Push Comes to Shove,' it was all about kicking butt and taking names, fighting for what you love and what you care about, and standing up for what you believe in. Reba McEntire dealt with the fact that the school her children attend was cutting its music programming. She also dealt with her son defending himself and being labeled a bully -actually, a "hillbully"- because of it. So much drama was packed into 30 minutes!

Reba's daughter June wanted to play clarinet, but given the budget cuts, she was SOL. That's a topical issue, as many schools are trimming back music education initiatives due to funding issues. Music is the country superstar's first love, so kudos to her for addressing it with a major platform like a prime time sitcom. She headed to the school to try and get funding pumped back into the program.

Meanwhile, her son Cash battled a fellow student who bullied him, calling him a "hillbilly." He got into an altercation with his classmate, standing up for himself, which caused administration to view him as being in the wrong. Reba had to again go to the school to right another wrong and got all up in the administrator's grill. That lead to her being labeled a bully, which in turn threatened her position on the board for the music program.

The McKenzies were viewed as "hillbulllies," when it was really a case of giant misunderstandings. The theme also furthered the show's premise that Reba and her family are fish out of water in their So Cal digs. There was a brief PSA after the episode about stamping out bullying, too. So not only is 'Malibu Country' hilarious, it's also socially aware.

The funny subplot centered on Reba's mother Lillie Mae staging protests because a marijuana dispensary was closing. She argued that it will affect the local economy, like the pizza place and the lava lamp retailer. Giggles abounded!