In 'Baby Steps,' the second episode of Reba McEntire's well-received new sitcom, we find her character continuing to navigate her new and often terrifying surroundings in Malibu, California. Yes, she is still being the best mom she can be, dealing with her daughter's flirty relationship with her ambiguously gay neighbor and his "best intentions" stepmother, who is always "there." But she also tries to do something for herself and that's go on a blind date.

After her philandering ex-husband is featured in a tabloid for his latest sexploit, Reba decides she needs to start taking care of her own libido, as a vibrant woman. It's something she tries to hide from her kids, since it's awkward for her to re-enter the dating game at this point.

The main theme of the episode, and we suspect of the season and the series, is following Reba as she tries to figure out who Reba the woman is, along with being Reba the struggling artist trying to get back in the country music game; Reba the flustered parent; and Reba the divorcee.

Spoiler: She gets stood up by her date since she was late to the restaurant because she was comforting her daughter over her heartache due to boys. That's a situation so many parents, especially single ones, can relate to.

McEntire's slight sarcasm comes easy, and she never acts completely and totally exacerbated by the situations she's dealing with, like son Cash trying to be the "man of the house" and demanding to meet her dates or daughter June crushing hard on a boy who claims he likes boys, but is constantly practicing his kissing techniques on girls. She handles it with a winning mixture of class, grace and humor.

While Episode 2 was not as action-packed as last week's pilot, it offered another glimpse of what we can expect from 'Malibu Country' as it develops. We look forward to riding sidecar while Reba McKenzie attempts to date and resurrect her country career.