Maren Morris is giving fans a preview of her forthcoming album Hero with a new song called "Rich."

Co-written with Laura Veltz and Jessie Jo Dillon, "Rich" has Morris singing about a boy that she can't rely on. If she made money from all the lies he's told her, she'd be rich with a "Benz in the driveway, yacht in the water."

"I just try to write how I would say it. I'm only shooting myself in the foot if I write it in a way where I wouldn't speak like that," Morris tells Rolling Stone Country. "I don't get this whole glossing over fun little tidbits of people's personalities. That's not how we talk ... But it's also just fun to throw in colorful language, whether it's a cuss word or not. I want people to listen to this and feel like it's their friend saying it to them."

Morris further explains that she has always been attracted to songwriters who simply and effortlessly tell it like it is.

"That's what I've always gravitated toward. If you listen to a John Prine song or a Johnny Cash song, everything is said poetically. But it's not trying to be poetic — it's actually very plainly stated. But you connect to it and it's beautiful," she says. "I appreciate the art of saying it like it is."

Morris will release her debut album Hero on June 3. She is currently gearing up to join Keith Urban on the road for his headlining Ripcord Tour also in June.

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