Newcomer Margaret Durante has been making quite the impressive entrance into the country music world, especially with the release of her latest single, 'Maybe Tonight.' The upbeat and lighthearted tune is about young love and the emotions one goes through during those first few weeks of a new romance.

"You may not remember / The night that we met / But I’ve been tossing and turning and dreaming about you boy ever since / Too long I’ve waited / Yeah I’ve played it cool / But that’s overrated / Here I go breaking the rules / I’ve dialed your number / You won’t have to wonder / The way that I’m feeling," she sings in the song's first verse.

Durante and her co-writers on the song set out and accomplished their mission of penning the perfect tune for spring and summertime that will encourage listeners to escape from their concerns and worries for the duration of the song.

'Maybe Tonight' is at radio nationwide now. Today, Durante's four-song EP is available for digital download on iTunes.

Listen to Margaret Durante 'Maybe Tonight'