Marie Osmond, who made a name for herself in the country genre with her '70s cover of 'Paper Roses,' remarried her first husband Stephen Craig on May 4 in Las Vegas. Osmond already had the "something old" ready to go in the form of her wedding dress. It was a total accident, though.

The singer recycled the very same Ret Turner designed dress that she wore when she first married Craig in 1982 (the couple got divorced in 1985), simply because she had to! She planned to have a dress be "something new" and specifically had a dress designed for the occasion, but alas, it wasn't "right" and fate intervened.

"I was cleaning out my garage and all of a sudden this box showed up in this pile of stuff … and it was this dress and it was five days ago. I'm not kidding," Osmond tells ET. "I can't breathe, but I'm in it." Osmond updated the dress, which features long-sleeves and a full skirt, with a pearl necklace. Even 29 years later, she still looked pretty in it! Let's hope the second time is the charm for the marriage, just like it was for the dress.

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