Wednesday, Dec. 21, Martina McBride will host the 13th annual 'A Home for the Holidays' entertainment special, airing on CBS. For the special, which focuses on the joys of adoption, McBride will be joined by fellow musical guests Justin Bieber, Gavin DeGraw, Mary J. Blige, Christina Perri and OneRepublic.

Bringing to light inspirational stories of children who were adopted out of the foster care system, the program will include presentations from actress Katherine Heigl, who has an adopted child, as well as her sister, Meg Heigl-Beltran, who was herself adopted. Actress and former model Denise Richards will also be on the list of presenters, as she is the mother of an adopted child.

Punctuating the musical performances will be stories from families who have adopted children out of the foster care system and children who have found their lives completely transformed. With more than half a million children still in foster care in the U.S., the program was created to raise awareness of the need for good homes for these children. The special is presented with the help from the Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption (created by the Wendy's founder) and the Children's Action Network.

McBride will make her appearance in the middle of a set of winter tour dates taking her to Biloxi, Miss., Lafayette, La., Phoenix, Ariz. and Las Vegas, Nev. Her Oct. 11 record 'Eleven' is currently sitting at No. 17 on Billboard's Top Country Albums chart, and her single 'I'm Gonna Love You Through It' is spinning on radio stations across the country.

Be sure to catch McBride's performance on 'A Home for the Holidays' Dec. 21 on CBS at 8PM EST.