The new Martina McBride greatest hits package takes listeners on a chronological audio tour of the singer's career. 'Hits and More' -- released by McBride's old label RCA Nashville -- proves she is a timeless artist, whose early hits ('My Baby Loves Me,' 'Independence Day') still sound as relevant today as her most recent radio successes.

Fans of the singer have long since picked out their favorites, and there is nothing new added to these songs to change anyone's opinions. 'Love's the Only House' feels especially relevant in 2012, but others will strike fans or first-time listeners in obvious ways.

The singer's previous 'Greatest Hits' album was released in late 2001, so songs like 'This One's For the Girls' and 'Anyways' are new to a compilation package. In total, there are five post-2001 songs on 'Hits and More,' plus three "previously unreleased" songs. Two of those are actually new, and one ('Being Myself') was included on the 'On Target' EP.

The new material is more like what McBride is releasing today than her pop-country, happy hits like 'I Love You.' This more introspective side of the singer hasn't been as commercially successful -- her last Top 5 hit was in 2006 -- but it's more satisfying. 'Surrender' and 'Straight to the Bone' are songs to hold on to, even if (or especially if) they never get airplay or exposure on 'Glee.'

No one forgot that McBride has one of the best female country voices of the last 20 years, but the 'Hits and More' package is a reminder that she also served up some pretty great messages over nearly two decades. Yes, 2012 will mark 20 years since 'The Time Has Come' was released! This 20 song playlist makes clear her influence on the current generation.