Prepare to be emotionally moved to your core thanks to Martina McBride's contemplative and hopeful new video for 'I'm Gonna Love You Through It.' The singer, looking resplendent with her striking blue eyes, emotes throughout the video as she sings the heartfelt lyrics. What will truly tug at your heart strings is the spliced footage of cancer survivors, who speak about their ordeal and their loved ones, whose support got them through their battles.

In addition to regular women, McBride enlists a few famous faces -- 'Good Morning America' anchor Robin Roberts, 'Today' show star Hoda Kotb, singer Sheryl Crow and ABC journalist Katie Couric -- all of whom have a deep, personal connection to cancer. These survivors open up and thread the video with a note of hope. The music is turned down low while the survivors speak so that viewers can absorb everything they say. The clip serves to give cancer multiple faces and to instill hope into those who are battling the disease currently.

You'll be reaching for a tissue when Kotb says, "You know people love you but you find out how much when you get sick."

Kudos to McBride for turning the standard music industry convention of a music video into a moving couple of moments that will undoubtedly speak to an infinite number of people.

Watch the Martina McBride 'I'm Gonna Love You Through It' Video