Keep the tissues nearby for Martina McBride's poignant video for "Just Around the Corner." A powerful track off her new album Reckless, "Just Around the Corner" is also the anthem for Band Against Cancer.

“We all know someone going through a difficult time, especially so many of our friends in the community who are diagnosed with cancer,” McBride says in a press release. “And, having the strength and faith to know that there are better days just around the corner, is such an important message for us to share with everyone fighting this brave battle.”

The video for "Just Around the Corner" was filmed in Nashville, and directed by Matthew Underwood. The opening clip shows a mother calling for test results from her doctor. She continues about her day waiting for the phone call as her son comes home from school, traipsing dirt in with his dog.

"Just around the corner the sun's a little warmer, the storm is blowing over / It's finally over /  The weight that you've been holding, the faith that's been broken ain't broken any longer /  And you'll be stronger just around the corner," McBride sings in the chorus.

In February, McBride announced her partnership with Sarah Cannon and Band Against Cancer. McBride also joined forces with HCA Holdings Inc., the nation’s largest hospital company, and HCA subsidiary Sarah Cannon, to raise cancer awareness in the form of a concert series. Those dates kick off in September and will conclude in October at the Grand Ole Opry.

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