Last week, Martina McBride hosted her 'Martinis With Martina' party at her home in Nashville. At the party, McBride gave radio programmers an early listen to her upcoming album, which the Grammy-nominated artist called "the best album [I've] ever made."

For her newest album, which will come out some time this year, McBride deviated from her normal recording process. Instead of recording at her state of the art in-home studio, she chose to record in Atlanta, Ga. so she would not be distracted by her family and personal duties. The 'Wrong Baby Wrong' singer opted for the change of scenery after an executive at her new label urged her to do so.

Over the course of eight days, McBride recorded 18 songs for the album, which remains unnamed at this point. However, McBride didn't let her recording get in the way of her motherly responsibilities, as the singer took four days off in order to spend time with her three daughters.

The first single off of her new album is 'Teenage Daughters,' which will hit the country music airwaves in mid-April. According to One Country, 'Teenage Daughters' is a "pop-sounding track with some funny, universally relatable lyrics about parenthood."

This album will mark McBride's first at Universal Republic, which she moved to after parting ways with her previous, longtime label, RCA.