Martina McBride is heading back into the studio on Jan. 8 to record her next album, as reported by WBWN. A new label and management is all part of this change, something McBride decided on back in November.

Now signed with Republic Nashville -- home to the Band Perry, Eli Young Band, and Jaron and the Long Road to Love, among others -- McBride will be working with producer Byron Gallimore on her upcoming record. But the singer doesn't shy away from her excitement, taking to her blog to share the exciting news.

"I have found some of the best songs of my career, I believe, and I can't wait to get in and make this record," she explains.

She adds: "It's like the universe opened up and said, 'Here ya go ... Here are about 25 of the best songs you have ever found. Oh, and here's a burst of creativity and vision while we're at it!' I haven't felt this inspired for a long time … And now, there is NOTHING but inspiration and creativity. I feel it and see it everywhere. It's so exciting to me, and I know you are going to feel it on this next record."

Way to get us amped up for this record, Martina -- 25 of the best songs you have ever found? Wow, we can't wait to hear it!