Martina McBride recalled her time as the lead singer in a band with an unfortunate name, the Penetrators, before she found superstardom as a country singer! The lovely and talented McBride revealed details about the band that defined her youth to the acid-tongued talk show host Chelsea Handler on 'Chelsea Lately,' saying, "I was 17 when I joined the band. I thought, 'We're the Penetrators. Yeah, we'll penetrate you with our music!' I had no idea. No idea."

At the time, the unintended pun sailed clear over the head of McBride, who grew up in Sharon, a small Kansas town whose population she says had about 150 or so residents.

The 'I'm Gonna Love You Through It' singer also says that she'd be a great private detective because she is "a little suspicious of everybody anyway." Who knew Martina McBride was so paranoid?

She also revealed her favorite vacation spots are Napa Valley and New England, which we'll second. She also admitted that even though she collaborated on a song with rapper T.I., she was never even in the same room with him for the collaboration. "I haven't even met him," she says. With technology, anything is possible! Still, we'd have liked to see some studio outtakes of the two of them working together. Now we know such footage  doesn't exist since there was no studio time to record footage of!

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