In her brand-new 'Teenage Daughters' video, Martina McBride faces the challenges of raising teenagers throughout the decades. The singer flashes back to the '50s, '70s, '80s and today, and across the years we see her and her true-to-life daughters struggling to get along ... and generally just being mom and daughter(s).

'Teenage Daughters' kicks off with McBride's 13-year-old daughter Emma kicking back on her bed and chatting on the phone back in the '50s. Her mom bursts into the room carrying a laundry basket and gives her the look, symbolizing that she could maybe use a little help. True to mom form, McBride eventually unplugs the phone line to get her middle daughter to pay attention.

Quickly, we're shot into the '70s, where the oldest McBride girl, Delaney, is trying on some really groovy outfits, but mom nixes most of them for being too scandalous -- by the standards of the '70s, of course. She and mom don't see eye-to-eye on what's appropriate, especially when it comes to boys, but she has to get her mother's approval before she can go out. After a few changes, she eventually settles on something really hippie chic.

Later in the video, we get our favorite version of the mom of three: the '80s version. McBride plops into the station wagon alongside her oldest daughter, who she's teaching how to drive for the first time. You can only imagine the stress!

In present day, the frazzled mom is home with her two youngest, waiting up later than she wants to on a school night for her 16-year-old. Despite McBride's irritability, you can't help but smile when her little one, Ava, comes tromping through the foyer in her mom's way-too-big red high heels.

This video is full of door-slamming fun, but more than anything, it's packed with the love that a mother has for her daughters ... even if they are a big pain in the butt.

Watch the Martina McBride 'Teenage Daughters' Video