In Martina McBride's brand new 'Teenage Daughters' video, we get a behind-the-scenes look at the 'Wrong baby Wrong' hitmaker in the recording studio and interacting with her own three daughters.

McBride knows the stresses of raising teenage girls all too well, because she has two. Delaney, 16, and newly 13-year-old Emma were inspirations for the song, which McBride will likely be singing for awhile, because she also has a 5-year-old, Ava.

McBride shows us that among the hustle and bustle of being a country music superstar, she's still a mother underneath. In this video, we get four minutes of home video-style shooting, which shows the singer hard at work recording songs and touring, but also playing with her girls, laughing, and loving life.

'Teenage Daughters,' arguably the singer's most autobiographical tune to date, has now been made into her most personal video -- even if her daughters sometimes send her over the edge and force her to hit the bottle.

Watch the Martina McBride 'Teenage Daughters' Video