With October being breast cancer awareness month, Martina McBride has been asked to flip the switch, turning the Empire State Building "pink" in honor of those who have lost their battle or are currently fighting the battle with the disease.

The lighting of the historic building is set to take place on Friday, Oct. 14. Following the memorable event, McBride will partake in a special VIP-invite reception and private concert, 'Martina McBride: Light up the Sky,' which has the superstar partnering with Stanford Women's Cancer Center. The performance will also air exclusively on Clear Channel Radio's websites. The concert marks the first time in history that an artist has bestowed the opportunity to perform a private function from the building.

"October 14th will be a very special day to send a collective message of hope to breast cancer patients, survivors and their supporters as we turn one of the world’s most popular landmarks pink," says McBride in a press release.

Just a few days prior to the events taking place in New York, McBride will release her eleventh studio album, 'Eleven,' on her new label, Republic Nashville. McBride's current single from the new collection of songs is the heart-tugging 'I'm Gonna Love You Through it,' which tells the story of a husband standing by the side of his wife who is battling breast cancer.

"The first time I heard 'I’m Gonna Love You Through It,' I got chills from my head to my toes," McBride says. "I get chills every time I sing it live. I've heard from so many people that this song has touched their lives. To be able to sing this from such an iconic place as the Empire State Building among breast cancer survivors and their supporters will be an incredibly special and meaningful experience for me. I am excited that the team from Stanford will be there with me. It is a perfect fit."

McBride penned six of the 11 tracks which will be found on 'Eleven,' including its debut single, 'Teenage Daughters.' 'Eleven' will hit stores on October 11.

Watch the Martina McBride 'I'm Gonna Love You Through It' Video