Martina McBride's Eleven Across America train tour rolled onto the tracks this week, setting out from Los Angeles as a means to promote McBride's new 'Eleven' album as well as spread breast cancer awareness. While the venture is significant, being that the whistle stop tour is the first journey of its kind that the singer has embarked on, it's even more so being that McBride says it's the first time she's been on a train -- ever.

The 'I'm Gonna Love You Through It' hitmaker spilled her big secret to US 99.5 in Chicago, adding that she's really looking forward to rolling across the country in support of her new record, which came out on October 11. "I’m just excited. We get to perform some new material from the new album," she says. "I’m just excited to see the fans come out."

McBride's latest, which is coincidentally her eleventh studio album, features her hit song about raising teenage girls, 'Teenage Daughters.' The mother of three admits that when it comes to her preference of songs, it's "hard to pick a favorite," but finally unveils 'Whatcha Gonna Do' and 'You Can Get Your Lovin’ Right Here' as a few of her picks, being careful to add, "I like ‘em all."

In the unlikely event that her (incredibly successful) singing career hits the brakes some time, McBride reveals that she's got her next job lined up. “If I wasn’t a country singer, I would probably have a catering company, or party planning company, or something like that," she says. Perhaps she could work on the train?

The Amtrak Pink Express train is making pit stops along the way to spread the word about Susan G. Komen for the Cure and their stride to fight breast cancer, but also to spread McBride's new music. The most recent stop in Albuquerque brought over 600 fans to the train station to see the singer perform ... at 2:15 AM. If that doesn't give McBride the steam she needs to push on, we don't know what will!