Martina McBride fans have been counting down the days until they can get their hands on her highly-anticipated new album, originally slated for release in August. The singer recently took to her website to update fans on the latest in her life and career, informing everyone there has been a slight change in plans for the album's release.

"Some of you have heard the album release date got pushed back to October 18," she wrote in her blog which was posted to her website on Monday, June 20. "This was a decision the record company made in order to give us the best opportunity for a great first week in sales, which so many people pay attention to in the industry. I love the fact that it's coming out in the fall. The August date scared me a little ... back to school and all that. Plus now it's out just in time for you to get it and give it out as treats for Halloween!"

McBride, who wrote her blog from her tour bus en route back home to Nashville from playing a show in Omaha, Neb., also touched on the 2011 CMA Music Festival, which she felt may have been her favorite one yet.

"This was one of the most special, fun CMA Fests I can remember in a long time," she wrote. "It was so great to see all of you who came to town! My fan club party was so special. We will probably never be able to play all those songs live like that together ever again, you know, with the picking and choosing you have to do to put together a set list. So it was really special for all of us to get to play NEW songs ... and also to give you guys the first and only sneak peak at the new album. And then, getting to talk with you all was just icing on the cake."

McBride heads back out on the road next week, where she will perform at the NASCAR pre-race concert in Florida. Click here for a complete list of dates where McBride will be all over the country this summer.

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