Mary Sarah secured her place in the Top 11 on Monday night (April 25) on The Voice with a stellar performance of "Johnny and June." Originally released as a single by Heidi Newfield in 2008, Mary Sarah put her own spin on the song with her soaring vocals.

Accompanied by a cello and two guitarists, she started "Johnny and June" softly from mid-stage in a form-fitting long sleeved sequin dress and black booties as a spotlight landed on her. As she came to the chorus, the 20-year-old belted the lyrics much to the approval of the audience.

By the second verse, Mary Sarah had the audience in the palm of her hand as she neared the edge of stage, shaking fans hands in the front row. Meanwhile, her coach, Blake Shelton, looked on approvingly as he swayed along to the song.

Following her performance, Mary Sarah's version of "Johnny and June" launched to the top of the country iTunes chart, marking her first No. 1 song.

The singer has become a favorite contestant on The Voice, frequently receiving praises from each of the coaches. Last week, she covered Carrie Underwood's "So Small," and Shelton raved about being wrapped up in the lyrics of the song as she performed.

“That was a beautiful song. I wasn’t too familiar with it,” Christina Aguilera admitted. “You did a great job. It was a solid performance.”

Pharrell agreed with Aguilera, as did Adam Levine.

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