Meghan Linsey -- formerly of Steel Magnolia -- gives a funny take on chivalry and dating in her 'Try Harder Than That' video. The singer hops up on a throne and begs men to "try harder than that to get a girl like this."

Like a true country girl, Linsey sits perched in front of a wooden barn, holding auditions for men to strut their stuff and show her what they've got. A helper her hair and preps her for the potential suitors, while a cow and tractor sit nearby. While she may be country, the singer is a bit out of place in the dirt of the field, wearing an orange and purple bustier, black skirt and heels.

The 'Try Harder Than That' clip finds a tattooed beefcake flexing his muscles, an older farmer displaying his pitchfork (no, not that) and another proudly showing off his car. Midway through, Linsey changes scenery and moves inside the barn, where she's met by rapper Bubba Sparxxx, who brings the next verse while the singer bobs her head along.

Linsey kicks one more suitor out in the field -- literally -- before the male helper decides to try his luck at wooing the blonde. He picks up nearby flowers, while Linsey snaps a Polaroid of him before she shakes her head yes to his chivalry. The smiling pair walk off, hand in hand, into the countryside.

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