Rick Diamond, Getty Images

"My mom was the greatest mom in the world. She was one of those mothers who would sacrifice -- and did at times -- everything for her children. She was the epitome of what a mother should be in my opinion. She was also very hard and stern. We miss my mom. She passed away last year from cancer. That makes Mother's Day a little rougher, but I'm also very grateful for having had such a wonderful role model, and not just as a mother, but as a human being. She was a great person who was very humane in her thoughts of other people. She was a hardcore worker and country girl, but very much a lady, too, which is a rare breed these days to find a true, graceful lady with all of those same attributes as someone who worked like she did. I was always grateful for the standard that she set. She was also an embarrassingly proud mom [laughs]!" - Craig Morgan