In light of the recent natural disaster that has turned Japan upside down, many are scrambling to find ways in which they can help. Country starlet Michelle Branch took to Twitter to brainstorm and ask fans how she should lend a hand to Japan.

"It's really hard not to be glued to the news. Feeling helpless and heartbroken for Japan. How can we help? Relief concert to raise $$$?" Branch tweeted on Monday. She re-tweeted a few suggestions -- like one for a charity single and one for a collaborative album from a variety of artists -- as well as this link to a list of ways to help, compiled by the New York Times, but never gave a final green light to any of the notions.

Should Branch push forth with a relief concert or charity single, we will keep you posted. For now, the former Wrecker and 'Take a Chance on Me' songstress is hard at work in the studio. "Great! Working on a Loud Music rough right now. :)" Branch tweeted back to a songwriter who asked if recording is going well for her.

The former pop singer said back in December that she would begin recording her first post-Wreckers release this January (2011). If that proves true, her long-awaited LP should be just about cooked. “If I have my way this record will be out this year … or else,” Branch said.