Michelle Branch made her fans her Valentine this year -- the former Wrecker shared an unreleased song, 'Take a Chance on Me,' as a special present to her loyal followers.

"Here's a little gift to show my love for you," Branch says in a message sent to her mailing list. The pop-gone-country singer says that the song, 'Take a Chance on Me,' was written and recorded with John Shanks and Hillary Lindsey a few years ago. Shanks is a Grammy-winning producer, and Lindsey -- an accredited singer-songwriter -- pulled a Grammy for writing Carrie Underwood's hit 'Jesus, Take the Wheel.'

With her new song, Branch also includes some Valentine's well-wishing. "Maybe it will help bring some Valentine mojo your way?" she says.

That it does. Branch sells herself for what she's worth in 'Take a Chance on Me,' and there's no room for modesty in these lyrics:

"You're so damn tired of being down on your luck / I'm a heads up penny / Come and pick me up."

This upbeat country-rock song with a cut-to-the-chase attitude is just what the doctor ordered, with more to come when Branch's full-length record drops later this year.

Listen to Michelle Branch, 'Take a Chance on Me'