As of late, Michelle Branch has been hard at work on her forthcoming album -- her first solo LP since breaking from country duo the Wreckers. Yesterday, the singer unleashed a sneak peek of a new song called 'What Don't Kill Ya' as it was being recorded.

Branch was eager to show her progress and offered fans a four-and-a-half minute video of the song in the works. The video shows Branch's drummer laying down drum tracks as the vocals played throughout the room.

From what we can tell, this song is authentic Branch with her classic sound, a la the debut single that made her famous, 'Everywhere.' The 'What Don't Kill Ya' lyrics talk about the pain of common life situations, like bad relationships. This line is especially telling:

"She gave everything away / Now she's learning how to say / I will live another day / Come tomorrow."

Branch hasn't kept music fans in the dark about what she's been up to. In the past few months, the Arizona native has shared free downloads of a couple of new songs, including 'Texas in the Mirror,' 'Take a Chance on Me,' and 'Long Goodbye,' which features Dwight Yoakam.

When the 'Sooner or Later' singer comes back into the music world to stay, we expect that she'll come back with a bang. She's dabbled with both pop and country music in her career, but anticipates that her new album will reflect a blend of the two -- because that's what represents her.

Branch released a six-track EP, 'Everything Comes and Goes,' last summer. The release date on her upcoming full-length solo album is still TBA.

Check Out aPreview of Michelle Branch's 'What Don't Kill Ya'