Mickey Guyton will sing a song from the movie Frozen during the CMA Country Christmas special on ABC Dec. 3, but it's not the song you're thinking. The singer covered "Do You Want to Build a Snowman?" It's a song that instantly recalls the heartbreak driving the animated movie's plot.

Guyton has two sisters and says she thought about those relationships while trying to capture the emotion of the song. She didn't want her rendition to be happy, and it's not. But the 32-year-old singer takes a little joy in thinking about difficult times in life. For example, when asked what her best memory of 2015 is, she doesn't choose her record-breaking single or stage time with Brad Paisley. It was when her bus broke down traveling from Pennsylvania to New York City.

“Everything that could be stacked against us was stacked against us that day," Guyton says. "And we made it to the actual show in New York 45 minutes before I was set to go on."

“It was one of my favorite memories. I had to do my makeup with my hands — I didn’t have any brushes — in an airport. And we ran up there and I literally threw a hat on and whatever outfit wasn’t wrinkled and just go out there to perform. It was pretty fun.”

Guyton will spend the holidays with family. She has a few traditions and a few favorites. Below is a Christmas primer from the "Better Than You Left Me" singer. Look for her version of "Do You Want to Build a Snowman?" at iTunes, and keep an eye out for a new single and tour plans in early 2016.

Most memorable Christmas gift?: A MacBook Air. Guyton didn't have a computer when she first moved to Nashville, so one Christmas, her parents hooked her up. "It really meant a lot," she says. "I was having to go into these writing sessions with paper and pen.”

How early do you start decorating?: November 1. "Let's go all the way," she admits, revealing that she's alreay been playing Christmas jams for weeks. "You don't have to wait until Thanksgiving."

Favorite Christmas movie?: "I love Home Alone," Guyton reveals. "I know everybody likes (National Lampoon's) Christmas Vacation, and I like Christmas Vacation, but Home Alone ... you need to go back and watch that movie. It's like really, really great."

Favorite Christmas drink: Apple cider, eggnog or any traditional drink. "Put a little brandy in the eggnog," she adds, smiling.

How old Is too old to sit on Santa's lap?: "Five is enough," she says. "After that you don’t need to be sitting on Santa’s lap," Guyton says, laughing.

What's the best gift you've ever given?: "When we were little and stereos were the thing, my brother and my sisters, we all saved up our allowance and bought my parents a stereo that they still have!"

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