Mike Ryan's 'Dancing All Around It' video tells a story that's easy to relate to -- the one about the girl who got away ... almost.

The video begins with heartbroken guy stepping out of his house to call the girl he's clearly just broken up with. She doesn't answer, so instead he reaches for a cold beer, while we see his video girl driving a convertible down an open road.

Ryan then begins to sing, his voice full of emotion. Even his eyes tell the story, which is one he penned for his new album, 'Bad Reputation.' The singer belts the words from inside the cabin, while the video's main character takes his horse for a ride, seemingly to try and take his mind away from his lost love. Meanwhile, the girl his heart is longing for is elsewhere, and with another man, no less. But as Ryan sings, "She's not over me yet, she's dancing all around it," we know there's a chance things will end well.

The singer steps it up a notch, performing the song with his band while several girls dance at an evening party. The words of his song play out as the main guy watches his girl dance around -- with another dude.

In the end, the main character does get his girl back -- like he knew in his heart he would -- but a surprise twist finds Ryan greeting his love, too.

'Dancing All Around It' is from Ryan's 'Bad Reputation,' which dropped on Aug. 19. The vocals were recorded in Brad Paisley's home studio. Buy the album -- Ryan's sophomore -- here.

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