Texas singer Adam Hood has had the pleasure of opening for country superstar Miranda Lambert on more than one occasion, but how did he first meet the 'White Liar' hitmaker? Hood caught up with KNUE 101.5 to share his awesome story behind meeting Lambert and her mom when their car broke down in Texas.

"Ray Wylie Hubbard has a show on Tuesday nights in New Braunfels down on Tavern on the Green. So, I was down there, and from what I was told, their car had broke down that day," Hood spills, referring to the day he met Lambert and her mother, Bev, back in 2007. "They said, 'Well, why don't we just stay down in Gruene? We'll get a bed and breakfast and go have a nice dinner, a couple of drinks and get up the next morning.'"

He continues, "I started the show and I noticed that they were over there. So, I just played my set and did what I did. I went outside just to hang out and Miranda came up and introduced herself to me. She said, 'Hey, I loved hearing what you did, it was really great.' So I said, 'Hey, well, I've got my CD,' so I gave it to them. Probably about a week later Bev called and said, 'Listen, we haven't stopped listening to this CD.'"

Lambert and her mom fell head-over-heels for Hood's sound, and thanks to that fateful day when the ladies were down on their luck and their car wouldn't start, he's gotten the opportunity of a lifetime. Since first meeting, Hood and Lambert have maintained a friendship and working relationship, and he has opened up shows for her and played gigs that she set up.

"I owe them a lot to where I am," Hood says. "There's no higher compliment than that. It's super-duper. I don't want any better than that."

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