The freelance music journalist who ruffled Miranda Lambert's feathers by asking her about gun control has had a chance to respond. Patrick Langston, writer for the Ottawa Citizen, says he walked away feeling good about what he thought had been a friendly conversation about the singer's music. He tells the Ottawa Citizen he was "totally surprised" when Lambert's angry tweet aimed at him started appearing on blogs and news services.

Lambert tweeted, “Dear mr writer at Ottawa citizen: next time u interview me, let’s keep it about the music and not about your view on my stance on guns…” before adding, “I don’t talk politics period. I’m Not sure all Canadians would like to Be put in your category. Speak for yourself not your country. Thx!”

The controversy stemmed from Lambert's literal cover of Canadian singer-songwriter Fred Eaglesmith's tongue-in-cheek song 'Time to Get a Gun.' Lambert told Langston she meant the song without irony, so the writer then asked about her views on gun control, to which she said she didn't want to discuss politics. His version of the story has the conversation going no further, although the newspaper did reach Eaglesmith for comment. He said he's got no problem with Lambert's version as the song wasn't intended to be anti-gun, just more in line with Canadian beliefs.

Langston's full interview will run in the Ottawa Citizen this weekend. Lambert brings her tour to Ottawa next week. Fans there are no doubt excited about her new music, including 'Baggage Claim,' the lead single from her next album 'Four the Record.'