The lyrics of Miranda Lambert's new single 'Baggage Claim,' from her forthcoming album 'Four the Record,' were co-written with Luke Laird and Natalie Hemby. Newcomer Josh Kelley lends his background vocals on the song.

"I met Miranda when I was out on the road with Eric Church," Laird tells Taste of Country. "He was opening that tour. We wrote some stuff on that tour together. Natalie and Miranda are really good friends, and they write together a lot. They called me one day when Miranda was off the road. She was in town here, just trying to do some writing for her new album. The three of us got together at Miranda's manager's condo and wrote 'Baggage Claim.'"

"I have been draggin' around your sensitive ego / Making sure that your bags arrive on time for the dog and pony show / Little suitcase like a brick / Kinda makes it hard to get a good grip / I drop your troubles off at a conveyor belt / I'll hand you a ticket to go get it yourself," they wrote in the opening lyrics of the song.

"Natalie had the title to the song before we got together," notes Laird. "Those girls are so prolific. They are both great lyricsists. I feel like I am at times. Everybody was bouncing lines off each other. It didn't take long to write at all."

"At the baggage claim / You got a lot of luggage in your name / When you hit the ground / Check the lost and found / 'Cause it ain't my problem now / I can't carry it on / I've got a lot of troubles all my own / It's all over the yard / In the trunk of the car / I'm packin' it in so come and get it," Lambert sings in the lyrics of the chorus.

"It was crazy how it all happened," says Laird. "They are such good writers. I began thinking, 'Am I doing anything here?' [laughs] I was really lucky to get in on that write because they didn't need me!"

Lambert's new album will be available on November 1, while her debut album with girl group Pistol Annies was released this week.